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Small Image of Front Page of the North Sydney Bears Website


Need a cheap and cheerfull website built? I can do it.

Since about June 2005 I have built and maintained the official website for the North Sydney District Rugby League Football Club. When I say, “built & maintained” I have redesigned and rebuilt the site three times over to keep up with trends. I´m well acquainted with HTML, CSS and Dreamweaver. I have used some PHP scripting. I regularly use Photoshop in the building & maintenance of the site. As part of the TAFE course I have redeveloped this website [RedAndBlackZone.com] which had remained dormant since 2005 when I left it to develop the Football Club website. I Originally began work on [RedAndBlackZone.com] in 2003.

Skills I will be working on improving over the next 12 months regarding web design include -

PHP/MYSQL/JavaScript [for things such as on-line shopping]
CMS Wordpress/Joomla!/Drupal [to allow people to update their own websites]
Fireworks/Flash Catalyst [for GUI development]
HTML5/Mobile Web Design/Device Central
Forms development.

Below are are two galleries of screen shots from the current Football Site [NorthSydneyBears.com.au] and my latest work for the Rugby Legaue Supporters and Voluntary Workers Association [RugbyLeagueSupporters.com] of which I am a sitting board member. NOTE: the new Supporters as featured below will not be up and running till sometime in June.

I hope to next develop a mobile presence for these sites.

Link to Gallery of North Sydney Bear's Website Link to Gallery of Rugby League Supporters' Website