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Action Photo of North Sydney Winger Curtis Johnston

My specialist field is sports photography (in particular the sport of Rugby League). See my all my images in the [PHOTO GALLERIES]. If you want to purchase any photos checkout the [Q AND A] section.

I currently shoot with a Cannon 5000D with a 100-400mm f4.5 and 17-85mm f4.0 lenses.

I have eight years experience in the field. I have had my photos exiberted at the the Sydney Royal Easter Show and my photos are widely published.

Publications include -

Big League
Rugby League Week
Rugby League Review
Rugby League News
The North Shore Times
The Mossman Daily
The Hornsby and Upper North Shore Advocate

Portrait Photography is the next think I would like to tackle. I'm also keen to try my hand at other sports - would love to try MMA for example (yes Dana White give me a ring).


I'm happy to undertake special projects such as photo collages even photo books or calenders of mine or your own pics. Just email me at [].


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