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Small Image of B M W motorbike interface


Need a design? I'm keen to have a go and I'm cheap!

Design is probably the area of least experience for me so I'm offering my services for free for selected projects.

Most of my design experience has been with Photoshop designing various campaigns for the North Sydney Bears. However the Digital Media Course I have completed at North Sydney TAFE has more fully introduced me to both Photoshop and Illustrator as well as more general design principals, skills and approaches.

Skills I will be working on improving over the next 12 months regarding design include -

Layers in Photoshop
Illustrator and Printing Techniques
Fireworks and Flash Catalyst

For those of you waiting for the BMW Motorbike colour options GUI, according to my project management software it will be up in September - and it knows better than I do what's going on!

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